Alperton Community School Road Safety Improvements Phase 2

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What is this consultation about?
In October 2016, the London Borough of Brent consulted local residents on Phase 1 of the Alperton Urban Realm Scheme. Following substantial completion of this phase we are now asking for your views on Phase 2 of the scheme.

Why are we proposing changes?
The London Borough of Brent is currently expanding Alperton Community School. To support this, a temporary zebra crossing and a 20mph speed limit were implemented in January 2017. The second phase of the Alperton Community School expansion is currently on-going and this will accommodate up to 1,740 students once it is completed in January 2018. As part of this expansion, the Council is now proposing an extended urban realm scheme on Ealing Road outside Alperton Station and Alperton Community School.
The scheme is designed to create a Healthy Street by transforming the quality of the pedestrian environment along Ealing Road and providing an attractive, accessible and people-friendly street.
This will in turn reduce vehicle speeds and encourage children to walk and cycle to school.

What are the proposed improvements?
The proposed scheme is shown graphically in the attached drawing and includes the following
- A wide parallel zebra/cycle crossing and long raised speed table (with 50mm kerb) to assist blind and partially sighted pedestrians) on Ealing Road between the Station forecourt and Mount Pleasant. This will provide a safe crossing point for the school students and give priority to pedestrians accessing the school and station
- The existing bus stops will be relocated. The northbound stop will be relocated closer to Mount Pleasant and the southbound stop will be relocated south of the railway bridge.
- The existing signalized crossing under the railway bridge will be removed and replaced with a new zebra crossing closer to the relocated southbound bus stop.
- The kerb on the south side of the proposed parallel crossing will be built out from the railway bridge to no. 185 Ealing Road to reduce the pedestrian crossing distance and reduce vehicle speeds;
- Introduction of a longer loading bay outside Alperton Children’s Centre, a new disabled/ loading bay outside no. 173 Ealing Road and a new loading bay outside the Atlip Centre ;
- Introduction of new speed cushions to reduce vehicle speeds in the 20mph Zone;
- Repaving of the footway, driveways and resurfacing of the carriageway for the extent of the scheme;
- Extensive urban realm and landscaping and improvements including new seating, trees, planters and cycle stands.


June 9th, 2017 18:00


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