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  • Close Lower Castle Street to cars

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    A radical idea maybe, but why not close the narrow, one-way, Lower Castle Street to cars and make it two-way for bikes and pedestrians? It would

    1) solve the problem of the confusing junction at the bottom end.
    2) remove the very complex routing of routes 42&46
    3) avoid cyclists cutting though the pedestrian zone and one-way part of cross street when travelling east across town.

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  • Pentre Road

    Created by Sam Charrington // 0 threads

    The National Speed Limit currently applies on this very narrow lane. There should surely be be a 20mph limit here? Pentre Road runs along the tops of a number of residential streets on the edge of Abergavenny. It is popular with cyclists and pedestrians. Much of the lane is extremely narrow, with some blind bends, and it is not possible to drive safely along here faster than 20mph.

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